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Couples Therapy

When it doesn't feel as though our partner hears, sees or understands us, things can feel hopeless. Couples therapy helps couples to gain insights, resolve conflicts, face hard decisions together and ultimately re-establish, improve and maintain connection. 

While creating a safe environment, our team of Registered Psychotherapists work with couples from an Emotionally Focused Therapy perspective to help establish trust, identify patterns and implement effective and lasting change. 

Online Virtual couples therapy can allow couples to re-establish connection, navigate transitional and challenging periods, disrupt negative communication patterns and realign as a supportive couple. 

Common Concerns
  • communication

  • infidelity

  • lack of sex and intimacy

  • incompatible, misunderstood and not being good enough

  • judgement, criticism and defensiveness

  • unresolved conflict, anger and bitterness

  • silent treatment, aggressive and passive aggressive behaviours 

  • divorce, separation and co-parenting

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Creating a better 'together'

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